Substances to assist in the often arduous task of cleaning have been in use since prehistoric times, but only in the last century has the explosion in science been harnessed to develop cleaning products to the level of sophistication that is seen today. The global cleaning products industry now turns over more than ~$110bn/year. It can be divided into products for use in laundrycare and as hard surface cleaners and into products aimed at the domestic and institutional and industrial (I&I) markets.

The objective of this work was to review current cleaning products technology and, with the help of anonymous experts working in key parts of the industry, to identify the issues that will radically affect the industry over the next 10 years. These are the Disruptive Technologies which have the potential to change the direction in which the industry develops.

The Panel of experts were sent a list of 37 potential new technologies which the authors believed had the potential to radically affect the development of the industry. The Panellists scored each technology on a scale of 0 to 10 for their "Probability of Success" (POS) and the Impact they would have, were they to succeed. A score of 0 POS implied the technology would not be introduced, a score of 10 implied it would definitly be introduced. A technology with an Impact of 0 would be insignificant, With a score of 10 it would have a very major impact on the market. The scores from each panellist were combined and used to calculate the average POS and Impact scores for each technology.

The scores for each technology are shown in the following graph:

The 21 technologies with the greatest POS and likely to have the greatest impact are situated in the top right hand quadrant. Those likely to have a major impact but for which there is no clear route to market are in the bottom right-hand quadrant. The technologies on the left side of the graph are likely to have a lower impact, whether or not they would be easy to implement.

The 37 technologies are listed and results are reported and discussed in detail in a report entitled "Disruptive Technologies for Cleaning Products: A Ten Year Forecast" published by IntertechPIRA (Dec 2010). To obtain a copy of the report contact Bill Allen:

Phone +44 (0)1372 802086
Email william.allen@pira-international.com

Chemical Associates, worked on this project in collaboration with another expert, fellow CICA Member and marketing expert, Sarah Galbraith, of The Galbraith-Muir Consultancy (www.galbraithmuir.com)

Other reports written by Chemical Associates and published by PIRA include:

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  • "Water Reduction Technologies for Cleaning Products" Published Nov 2010
  • "The Future of Green Cleaning Products: Market Forecasts to 2014", Published 2009
  • "Developments in Energy and Water Saving Additives", Published 2008.

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